Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Being a Mama is...

A never ending adventure, a blast, challenging, exciting, a crack up, scary, stressful, exhausting, out of this world amazing, life changing, love awakening, a roller coaster, an adjustment, overwhelming at times, captivating, emotional, a right of passage, a tough job, not for everyone, worth it all, sacrificing, blissful, dirty, learning balance, liberating, eye opening, a gift from God and hands down the best thing in the world

This little girl here makes my heart soar. I love how she turns her head the second she hears my voice (or Joey's) in a room. I love how she reaches up for me now to pick her up. I love that she likes to sleep with us for an extra hour in our beds in the morning and she strokes my hair and face as she is falling to sleep. I love that if she gets tired enough she will still fall asleep in my arms quite contentedly. I love that she loves her Daddy so much and to be honest she will completely ignore me if he is in the room. lol. I love that Daisy is chunky and has so many awesome baby rolls. I may not get a great night sleep with this little munchkin but, she is worth it. I love being a Mama!

And in other weird and random news: I think I might have something along the lines of hand dermatitis. Ever heard of it or had it? I don't have it severe perse but my finger tips are bubbling, and splitting a bit and if my hands are in the water for more than a few minutes tops I get a weird irritating rash like pattern in the center of my palm that burns. While giving Daisy a bath tonight my hands began to bother me so much that I cut the bath short and began researching online what I can do about this...still have no solution as of yet. Guess I will need to go see a dermatologist with all of my free time. (sarcasm). Evidently for some people water can actually irritate their skin and I seem to now be one of those people. Fabulous. Hope my hands remember how much they liked water just one short month ago and get over this quickly!


  1. Yes! I have this hand problem too. We have hard water where we live, so we have to have a water softener. When it runs out of salt, my hands get irritated, and we know it's time to add more salt. You may want to check out what kind of water is running out of your tap water and if it's hard water, then a water softener would probably do the trick!
    Big Fat Mama

  2. Hope your hands get better soon. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Daisy is adorable and your pictures are always soooo good...I'm jealous I can't get pics like that of my little boy on my bed...ha! Thanks for the sweet comment on my bedroom!

  4. These pics are beautiful!!! Daisy looks so much older, I can't get over it. It's only been a few weeks or so? My, they do grow fast. I hope your hands feel better soon! I had something that sounds less severe than yours, but similar - I always thought it was extremely dry hands. The water softener from Big Fat Mama sounds like a great suggestion!

  5. Your little girl is so cute! I love baby rolls!!

    I hope your hands get better soon!

  6. Hi Casey, your baby girl is SO cute! I love coming to your blog and seeing an adorable baby looking back at me :)

    Sorry to hear about your hands and water. Hopefully you'll find an easy fix. I'll pray your sensitivity goes away or you find an answer soon.

    Take care!

  7. These pictures are so sweet. I also hope your hand feels better...there's got to be a good fix out there for you.

  8. You probably are washing your hands a lot because you are mommy. My hands went through a lot! I still wash my hands a lot, but nothing like I did when my daughter was younger. They were always hurting. Try putting Aquafor on at night and putting mittens over them. I also use vitamin E. The pictures are so cute! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  9. How many times can I say a lot? Gee wiz! :)

  10. Daisy is cute as always!! Man! Casey, your photography skills are so great! I really want your camera! They are just beautiful and you have so many gorgeous memories through pictures for Daisy! She looks so cute sitting up!:) Is she doing better? No more scares? I hope not. I love hearing about Daisy. I can't get enough of Cooper either...it's seriously the best thing ever!!!
    I bet "mama hen" is right, you're probably washing your hands way more now." I hope it heals up quickly!


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