Monday, May 10, 2010

Duke Gardens - 6 year Anniversary Pictures

You have already seen some of these pictures but, I thought I would overwhelm you with my other favorites. We decided to keep our anniversary low key this year and stay close to home because I'm just not quite ready to leave my tiny baby for too long yet. So instead we traveled over to the beautiful Duke Gardens not too far from our house to check out the spring scenery and to take some family pictures for fun. I feel it necessary to add that it was about 90+ degrees and super humid that day and by the time we walked just from the parking lot to the garden we were already dripping with sweat, my hair was sticking to my neck and my make up was smearing, Joey's face was shining and his shirt was steaming and Daisy was melting. Before going I had visions of dreamy, romantic pictures with my hubby of six years and amazing family portraits with our angel baby but, in reality there were some grouchy moments between Joey and myself, a fussy, hot and hungry baby and then again some pretty comical moments as well between all of us! :). My mom was a trooper and seemed to love the entire experience because she's easy like that. lol. Regardless of the speed bumps I was determined to get pictures and woohoo, we did:) Thank you for taking these pictures for us mom and for spending the day at the park with us!


  1. Wow these pictures came out great! What a lovely family :) And Casey, you look wonderful! You snapped right back into your little self - lucky you!

  2. Well, I think they still turned out great! My favorite one is you and Daisy! I love the one of your mom holding her with her eyes open. They are all great! It's so fun to get family pictures!

  3. I LOVE all the new beautiful family photos! You did a great job with them. I am loving how much Daisy's personality is coming out in her face lately :-)

  4. You look amazing! All of the pictures on your blog are so sweet and adorable. Your family is beautiful Casey! Happy belated Mother's day! You are indeed in the ranks now!

  5. Wonderful pictures - and you would never know that the day was actually as you had described it! And I must say - through all the pictures I kept thinking - you look absolutely amazing!!!!!


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