Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daisy's Room

Isn't Daisy's yawn in this picture priceless! Couldn't have been a more perfect moment:) Oh, and can I just add that I love the pink and green stars piggy bank that my mom's friend gave to Daisy. It's sooooo adorable!!!
Sorry that this one is so dark but, you get the idea:) Could the room BE any girlier?? lol
Finally got her letters up on the wall and I think that they add the perfect final touch.

I had been meaning to post a full picture overview of Daisy's room for quite some time now and kept forgetting or wanting to wait to get everything done before getting pictures uploaded. Well, we finally hung the letters of Daisy's name on the wall over her crib just last week so now I feel like it is completely done and it feels great to be able to say that. This was a budget nursery and it was so fun to keep it that way. The glider and dresser were off of Craigslist, a lot of the other things were given to us (thanks everyone!) the bedding was a clearance set, and I bought the cheapest crib I could find. I think the paint is what really makes this room pop and I have Joey and his family to thank for that:). I honestly don't think pictures do this little room justice at all because it is so charming and soothing in person. Everyone's face lights up when they walk into Daisy's room because it is so cute and babyish:). It's like getting a hug. lol. Daisy actually hasn't slept in her crib yet because she is still getting up too much at night for me to want to walk that far across our house but, I am actually really looking forward to the day that she sleeps a bit longer and she can enjoy her own room. I'm guessing it won't be too much longer. She does enjoy laying in her crib for about 15-20 minutes watching her mobile spin around or staring at the bright print on her bumper while cozied up in a blanket. It's so cute to watch her talk to the crib bumper like it's an old friend:).


  1. I LOVE every.single.thing. about this room!! I think it just so adorable and soothing to the eye! It's straight from a magazine! It is my dream to decorate a girl's nursery! And good job on your budget finds. Honestly, nothing looks budget at all and it all came together so nicely. Oh, and I LOVE little Daisy in the pictures, haha. I want to kidnap her! She's so tiny and sweet!!

  2. And tell me what kind of camera you have!

  3. I LOVE IT! You did such a good job! and I love the Daisy is actually in the crib when you took those pictures... so cute. Love the stripes and the bedding.

  4. Girly. Precious. Happy. Beautiful. Soothing. Relaxing. Peaceful. All the things her room is, and totally perfect! Who would have known you guys had a budget?! Looks like that room cost at least $5,000!!

  5. definitely right out of a magazine! You have always had such a nack and great patience for decorating. Just waiting for that perfect thing to add the perfect touch! Now...just wait about 6 months or a year when there are toys every where, clothes lying on the floor and diapers (hopefully unused) spread around. Well...maybe that is just my kids room:-)

  6. Love this room - you definitely have a knack for decorating my dear...very talented! :) Everything in it is so perfectly girly (no it couldn't BE any girlier...I got the pun - lol!) And I love that it was all on a budget - goes to show that patience and Craigslist pays off! Love it!!

  7. love it! Thanks for peak into Daisy's room. I feel like I have visited your house now! :)


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