Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daisy says "Mama" and more.....:)



  1. I agree! She said MOMMA! Her first word! Too cute...and then...the explosions. So perfect! She is such a doll and I am so glad you got smiles on video! YEAH!!

  2. I great way to start our day by watching Daisy! Thanks for the laugh! Love, Ben and Melissa

  3. Oh Casey, I so needed this this morning. After bawling my eyes out after dropping Brayden off at his first day of daycare, I couldnt ask for a better video to help me smile! She definetely said Mama, and my oh my, I totally thought it was you guys making fart noises until I realized those noises were coming out of that precious little thing! TOO funny! So glad you caught that on tape to embarrass her with later ;)!

  4. I keep watching this over and over and I crack up every time! I just love my granddaughter to pieces!! lulu:)


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