Friday, April 9, 2010

The Little One's First Week of Life

Just a few pictures of Daisy over her first week. The car seat pictures are of Daisy at her first doctor's appointment this past Monday. The bouncer is still a little to big for Daisy and I'm not quite sure she likes it yet but, it gives us a chance to free up our arms for a minute or two:). The top pictures are of me and Joey and Wal-Mart with Daisy shortly after her doctor's appointment. The video was just too precious not to post. Daisy is fighting sleep like no other both day and night lately and she just feel asleep next to me on the couch so I'm going to take a quick's been a while and then take a nap myself. Wish me luck!! :)



  1. SO CUTE!!!! I'm so happy for you and Joey!! :) Can't wait to meet that precious baby girl of yours!

  2. yup, definitely looks like casey right now! great pictures! She is so beautiful and so kissable! I will try to not kiss her to death when I see you guys! Love the video, she was out!

  3. Always thrilled to see more pictures!!! Love 'em!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow! She has changed a lot already. I love your diaper bag...really cute!! I hope you were able to get your nap. :-)

  5. Awwwwwwwww Awwww ! that is seriously all I can say. I feel pathetic for being at a loss for words, but seeing this little girl just makes me so happy to serve such an awesome great God! He can make something this beautiful. So cool. love you casey and joey!!!
    Becca boo

  6. Yes I was thinking Daisy looks a lot of Casey too. She is so precious. I agree with Lindsey she is already changing and almost from picture to picture. Her name is just fitting her too. Shower they seem so nice when they are hard to get. Love you all.


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